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Clifford Glover
NY Daily News

NOTE FROM 12/15/14

I really should start just walking around with a digital recording device when ever I’m with my mother because you never know when she is going to drop historic jewels like this one. I asked her what the mood was re blacklivesmatter in NYC and she jumped into this lyrical narrative of the police and protest-how they killed an 8 year old boy in Queens in ‘73 and the boycotts that followed. I wasn’t prepared, like I say I need to START carrying a digital recorder. So I had to pull out the iPhone  ask her to retell the story, not as lyrical (and some nice ambient NYC traffic in background) but still a jewel…and the struggle continues.

More Notes:

  • African Liberation Support Committee Boycott of Gertz
  • National African Liberation Day  1972/73

"Power to the People!
Black Black Power to the African people!
Who shall survive America?
Very few niggers and no crackers at all.